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Airbrush Art for Peace

Art crosses borders, art connects people.

AIRBRUSH STEP BY STEP magazine has been uniting artists and their art from all over the world for 15 years. Based in Germany, we look back on decades of division and cold war. Until February 24, 2022, we believed that this time had ended once and for all, until Russian President Putin sparked a new war in Europe.

We appeal for immediate peace in Ukraine.

Join us and send us your artwork and message for peace. We will publish them here on this website, on social networks and in upcoming issues of Airbrush Step by Step magazine under the motto „Airbrush Art for Peace“.

Call for entries!
Submission by e-mail: info@airbrush-magazin.de
Submission by WhatsApp: +49 (0)151 61105440

Gallery of Peace

Click on image for full size and artists‘ info and comment.