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Spontaneous or well planned?

People often say about artists that they are particularly emotional, a bit chaotic or out of control. They process their thoughts, feelings and opinions in their artworks; the pressure of creativity makes them restless and busy. But does this mean that an artist can throw himself at an artwork within seconds without thinking about it? No, certainly not. In this issue, we show you that especially emotional and expressive works should be well considered. German artist Ralph-Torsten Kolmer and Manu Rodriguez from Colombia give us an insight into the creation of their almost contradictory portraits – one a heartily laughing Danny deVito, the other a desperately screaming, hair-pulling woman. 

A special research effort was also required from André Meckel from Germany, who chose the theme „Bonnie & Clyde“ for the design of a motorcycle helmet. With portraits, blood spatter and bullet holes he finally convinced with a „criminal“ design. Depending on the motif, drawing can also be an elementary step in the preparation, but not every airbrush artist was born with the talent for drawing. In the new series „Drawing for Airbrush Artists“, Dutch artist Bas Maatjes shows you simple tips and techniques that make it easy to draw and design your own motifs.

Not only the design needs to be well prepared – if you don’t paint on paper or canvas, the background also needs its corresponding loving preparation: The Colombian artist Thomas Florez has painted his lionfish on old wooden planks. Cleaning, cutting, assembling, priming – even the surface becomes a work of art. For the Philippine artist Midas Bayle Villanueva II alias „Judas Ikalawa“, the preparation already starts with the organization of airbrush equipment and paints, because in his country this alone is a big challenge. Despite difficult circumstances, he has already achieved a lot with the airbrush technique.

What do we learn from this? When airbrushing, despite all the emotionality and creativity, it is worthwhile to take a step back, think and put things in order! Then the results will be such that artists and viewers can be satisfied. With this in mind: Have fun with airbrushing and we wish you a healthy and prosperous new year 2021!

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Step by Steps

Lionfish – Illustration on wood

The Colombian artist Thomas Florez creates a decorative piece in the tradition of brush painting in Florida. With the airbrush he was able to add even more details to it. 

Bonnie & Clyde – Helmet Design

After much deliberation and searching for a suitable and unusual helmet design, the German artist André Meckel came across the two most wanted gangsters of the 1930s – Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

Danny deVito – Portrait

As you can see in the sympathetic portrait of the Spanish artist Manu Rodriguez, the charismatic actor Danny DeVito has still not lost his hearty laugh even at the age of 75.

Screaming – Portrait

„The current corona hysteria just makes me scream. And since I don’t look so good in photos, I’d rather take one from my shootings,“ says German artist Ralph-Torsten Kolmer about his portrait motif. 


Made in Philippines – Interview with Judas Ikalawa

Midas Bayle Villanueva II aka „Judas Ikalawa“ is one of the few artists in the Philippines who can make a living with airbrush art. 


Drawing for Airbrush Artists 101 (Part 1)

In order to develop your own artwork ideas and motifs, it is very important even for an airbrush artist to master the basic knowledge of drawing. Dutch artist Bas Maatjes is introducing you to basic techniques that are needed to put your own fantasies on paper. 


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