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ASBS 02/24

ASBS 02/24


Movie Heroes 

Since ancient times, art history has known portraits of male gods and heroes, of kings, rulers, generals and scholars. It was not about beauty, but about power, reporting and historiography. Anyone who paints a portrait today usually chooses a prominent or particularly striking character. This can often be found in actors, movie characters or pop stars, whose roles are often based on centuries-old heroic images. 

This choice of motif is also reflected in this issue: Benjamin Zikoll looked for dramatic skin texture and found it in the Marvel film character Cable. Marty McFly also became an involuntary hero three times in order to save the lives and future of his family and friends. The Brazilian artist Neimar Duarte painted the world-famous movie poster on a bass guitar. The Croatian artist Dalibor Pejicic has portrayed Spider-Man, who finds himself in a rather quiet, anti-heroic scene. Finally, there is no hero without a villain to defeat: In „Lord of the Rings“, this is the dark emperor Sauron, painted on a saw blade by Serbian artist Igor Amidžić.

Unfortunately, things don’t turn out as positively for heroes in real life as they do in the movies: Rafael Padilla Ruiz portrayed the famous Spanish musician and „guitar hero“ Juan Ramón Artero, who has past away much too early. 

Our news pages are dominated this time by the new airbrushes from Harder & Steenbeck and there is also a lot to report from the Airbrush Step by Step publishing house.

So, let yourself be inspired by this issue and find your own „heroes in art“. But don’t forget to share it with us – in the readers‘ gallery or as a Step by Step. Contact and further information can be found on page … or online at www.airbrush-magazine.net/get-published.

Your ASBS Team



Airbrushes: Ultra 2024, Evolution 2024 CRplus and Infinity Chameleon

Accessories: Airbrush Creative Box 6

Media: ASBS Reference Book and Airbrush Video, 

Digital: XP Pen Artist Pro 16 (2-Gen)

Step by Steps

Cable – Film character portrait

The dramatic skin texture of the cyborg Cable from the film „Deadpool 2“ was the decisive factor for German artist Benjamin Zikoll when choosing the portrait project.

Back to the future – Electric bass design

Brazilian Neimar Duarte has always been a big „Back to the Future“ fan. He painted the bass guitar based on the original poster by illustrator Drew Struzan – but using only the airbrush technique.

Spider-Man – Fantasy illustration

Croatian artist Dalibor Pejicic has portrayed the superhero in a rather quiet scene. The reduced elements and colors make the motif very suitable for airbrush beginners.

Chicho – Guitar hero portrait

The Spanish artist Rafael Padilla Ruiz portrays the late musician Juan Ramón Artero (Chicho), the „guitar hero“ of the Spanish comedy rock band Mojinos Escocios. Cover-Texte

Sauron – Portrait on a saw blade

Serbian artist Igor Amidžić has brushed the famous tyrant from the „Lord of the Rings“ saga in his spiky armor onto an equally sharp-edged saw blade.

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