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Creative = Relating to or involving the use 
of the imagination or original ideas to create something

Airbrush is just a painting technique beyond others, a tool just like paint brush, pencils or markers. If you have passed the initial stage of airbrushing, mastering gradients, freehanding and masking, you will face all creative options of designing, experimenting and mixing techniques. No matter if it’s digital art, airbrushing or graffiti – US artist Gear Duran is a master of realizing artworks in different techniques. In this issue he’ll show you how he started creating a motorbike design with a digital mock-up and then painted an amazing Venetian style portrait on the rear fender. Dutch artist Ramon Kamerbeek has been inspired by old Flemish artists and is demonstrating how the old Flemish oil painting technique can be adapted for airbrushing.

Many artists struggle with developing their own motives. One of those who succeeds perfectly in this field, is German Sebastian Kaufhold. He told us about the ideas behind his portraits where various objects are melting on the heads of the characters. And also Chilean artist Mariano Soto creates whole new worlds and stories within every single artwork. His airbrushed comic art has a quality which usually can only be achieved with digital painting techniques. At least, Adriano Ayerbe from Colombia shows you that even popular motives can be reworked in a very individual and creative manner: He painted Mickey Mouse as shiny metallic robot.

A whole bunch of creative ideas and inspiration – especially for automotive painting – can be found every year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas: That is where the best automotive painters from the USA as well as the leading suppliers of airbrush devices, paints and materials meet. Neimar Duarte, airbrush artist from Brazil, visited the show and took some photos of some of the best artworks and most famous faces of the show. Also the industry keeps on providing some good inspiration by introducing new products: Don’t miss to play around with Molotow’s new Liquid Chrome as well as the new flourescent paint Glow in the Dark from Createx.

If you also like to experiment and try something new, then you should share your results and experience with other artists. Take photos of your process and note down a tutorial for our magazine. Or just send us a photo of the finished artwork for our readers’ gallery. The editorial team as well as thousands of readers would appreciate very much.

Have lots of fun with being creative!

The ASBS team



Step by Steps 

Jaguar Shirt

T-Shirt Painting

Brazilian artist Carlos Mourart has managed to perfectly depict the strength and grace of a jaguar on what was originally a plain white T-shirt.

Look into the light


The Dutch artist Ramon Kamerbeek loves to experiment with different “old” painting methods and airbrush techniques. For this portrait he used the Flemish method.

Mickey Mouse


Everyone loves the famous Disney comic star – so does Adriano Ayerbe from Colombia. But he decided for a very special version, rendering a metallic robot style.

The Spirit of Venice 

Automotive Painting

An automotive paint job from the famous Venetian Casino in Las Vegas: US artist Gear Duran was hired to paint a complete motor bike with „the spirit of Venice“.



The Art of Sebastian Kaufhold

Why is Sebastian Kaufhold so keen on portraying various objects on or around people’s heads? The German artist grants us a little look into his world of airbrushing.

Adiós Chile – Hola Europe

The inspiring journey of Mariano Soto from Chile

Mariano Soto amazes people with his colorful and multifaceted artworks on various surfaces, but especially with his comic art which he is selling worldwide.

Do you know….

Steve Vandemon

Get to know the famous pinstriping and airbrushing artist from the US.


Airbrush News

Lots of new paints, books and a digital device

Readers’ gallery

Automotive Painting is coming up!


SEMA 2017, airbrush show Rosmalen and Gear Duran in Germany

Shopping Guide

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German precision meets Spanish temper