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ASBS 02/21

ASBS 02/21


Happy 15th Anniversary!

Do you know? Airbrush Step by Step magazine is celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2021 – incredible! No wonder that Iran Caro’s alien is looking that surprised from the cover. The artist from Venezuela has airbrushed it onto a T-shirt in a simple but effective way. Fantastic creatures and alien worlds are also the subject of Marque Terry Strickland’s colorful tutorial, and are also represented by the airbrushed 3D prints that have been awarded in the correspondent contest of the 3D modelling company Gambody. We are introducing the 11 winners and their artworks. British artist Andrew Stuart was even been allowed to create space illustrations for the book titles of famous scientists Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. In the interview, he tells us about these and other projects.

The second cover topic „Graphics“ has been taken on by Marcus Eisenhuth from Berlin: He shows airbrushing and masking techniques with lining tapes on a motorcycle tank and explains some basics in this context. The American airbrush artist Dennis Mathewson has also been associated with this subject for decades. However, he hung up his successful job as a custom painter a few years ago and started out as a fine art and gallery artist in Hawaii. Dennis has now published his numerous works and the story of his career in his book „Hawaii Made“. In the interview, he talks about the adventurous genesis of this book project.

In the second part of Bas Maatjes‘ series „Drawing for Airbrush Artists 101“, this time you will learn how to draw skulls all by yourself. These are suitable for both popular automotive painting projects and exciting fantasy illustrations. 

So, an issue ripe for an anniversary, right? On that note, we wish you a great spring time and a Happy Easter!

Your ASBS Team




Airbrushes: Richpen Mojo+, Paasche Vision TGX-2F, MENG MTS 030 Yu Heng 

Accessories: Green Mask, The Money Maker, Happy Trigger

Books: Hawaii Made – The Art of Dennis Mathewson, Here There be Dragons & Cranial Concepts by Rodrick Fuchs

Digital: Gaomon M106K Pro, Huion Kamvas Pro 22

Community: Gambody’s Airbrushed 3D prints Contest

Step by Steps

Prinshir – Fantasy illustration in mixed media

Marque Terry Strickland’s motifs in mixed media originate from the fantasy worlds of his novels and stories. 

CARNAL, the Alien – T-shirt design

You can’t miss this alien t-shirt by Iran Caro – it stares right in your face. 

Fineline GraphicsWorking with fineline tapes

Marcus Eisenhuth uses fineline tapes to simplify his work and add extra value to it.


From astronomy to portraiture – The Art of Andrew Stuart

U.S. astronomer Carl Sagan brought Andrew Stuart to his space and fantasy subjects and to airbrushing.

Hawaii Made – The creation of a very special work of art

In this interview, Dennis Mathewson talks about his adventurous journey to create his own illustrated book.


Drawing for Airbrush Artists 101 – Part 2: Skulls

Bas Maatjes shows you how to establish the most common motif used among airbrush artists: Skulls.


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