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Venezuela-based artist Irán Caro loves space, the sun, planets and all things supernatural. His paintings depict cosmic designs with bright lights and color gradients, simple shapes and impressive atmospheres, which he creates by combining a wide variety of textures and effects. This makes his work „Pyramid, cosmic connection“ an ideal work for airbrush beginners, who will find many individual challenges in one artwork. 

About the artist:

Irán Caro was born in Santiago de Chile in 1962. At the age of thirteen, he completed his first drawing courses at the School of Architecture in Santiago de Chile, then took comic drawing courses with the well-known magazine and Walt Disney artist Pepo. In 1979, he moved to Caracas, Venezuela, and spent the first few years illustrating comics for newspapers, magazines and children’s books. In 1982, he studied fine arts at the „Cristobal Rojas“ School of Fine Arts. It was there that his interest and studies in the airbrush technique began. He consolidated his knowledge and experience as an artist and became a pioneer of airbrush art in Venezuela. He has been organizing and directing airbrush biennials since 1987. He works as an artist, teacher, designer and illustrator for numerous renowned institutions worldwide. 

E-Mail: iranatelier@gmail.com

Instagram: @iran_atelier_caro

Youtube: IranAtelierTV

Facebook: Maestro Iran Caro

Instagram / Tik-Tok: @alexey_bakes

Order this issue here: https://www.airbrush-zeitschrift.de/en/airbrush-step-by-step-magazine/single-issues/681/airbrush-step-by-step-magazine-01/24-no.-70?c=17