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Register now: The Fantasy World of Airbrush in Germany on August 27/28, 2022

Register now: The Fantasy World of Airbrush in Germany on August 27/28, 2022


After two years of corona pandemic and without any airbrush show at all in Germany, the Fantasy World of Airbrush in Grefrath is finally kicking off again: On August 27/28, 2022 it will take place again in the ice sports center in Grefrath, Germany (between Düsseldorf and Venlo). Airbrush artists from all over Europe are cordially invited to exhibit at the event. This year, the Airbrush Step by Step team is supporting long-time organizers Hugo Vervliet and Daisy van den Bergh and is looking for new and old airbrush talents who would like to present themselves and their art to an audience of around 9,000 visitors. However, the Grefrath Airbrush Show is not only an airbrush exhibition and US car show, but the most important „family reunion“ of the Central European airbrush scene. Especially artists from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium use the meeting to talk shop, inspire each other, learn from each other and try out new things.

You too can be part of it! Register via our online form by June 5, 2022!

To the exhibition information and registration form

Preliminary list of exhibitors (by May 21, 2022)


Alex Germany Munchen www.southairbrushcustoms.com
Arnd Dorn Düren Claudia Dorn
Bas Maatjes Garbsen www.klamottenkustomizer.de
Carina Konrath Argenthal www.polytox-arts.de
Christian Erdmann Bochum www.atelier-skala.de
Frank Buchleither Karlsruhe www.kunstatelier-buchleither.de
Frank Stahlberg Worpswede www.stahlberg-art.de
Harald Rettich Birkenlohe www.wizzart.de
Hadi Knütel Melford www.pinkpear.de
Harry Heffels Willich www.colorair-art.de
Holger Schmidt Herne Holger Schmidt
Nadine Rexwinkel Dortmund www.rexi-Design.de
Peter K Möller Recklinghausen http://pm-airbrushdesign.de
Ute Sillini Elsdorf https://airbrush-ute.de
Ronny Nadler Hamm an Rhein www.ronny-nadler.de
Suzanne Jühling Bochum www.atelier-skala.de
Vera Sistig Mettmann www.verartet.de


Benny Saenen Tienen www.airbrushbenny.be
Joke Schoeters Tienen Joke Schoeters artwork
Tonny Kesler Lier www.airbrushtonny.be


Anita Autar Valkenswaard www.facebook.com/Chillax-Tattoos-Art
Arie Kooman Nieuw Vennep www.ariestudio.nl
Claudia Rijvis Tiel www.sierspuitkunst.nl
Dana Vergeer Berlicum www.instagram.com/danavergeerart
Ferry Loeffen Lith www.facebook.com/74art&deco
Hannie Blaaupot Gennep www.hb-airbrush-art.com
Jos Terlouw Rotterdam Jos Terlouw
Johan Moonen Ridderkerk www.johanmoonen-art.eu
Louis Cocheret de Lamoriniere Barendrecht www.Airblastdeco.com
Ludy Van Dijk Gemonde www.facebook.com/airbrushfun
Peter Evers Nijmegen www.kimmae.nl
Ralf van Brunschot Oostelbeers www.bbcustoms.nl
Rob van Dijk Duiven www.airbrushrob.nl
Sanne Van Dijk Gemonde www.airbrushfun.nl


Ursi Ulrich Horgenberg www.airbrush-ulrich.ch


Hassen Touati Florange www.ultimarts.com


Mariano Soto Lahr Oslo www.aerografia.cl


José Luis Parada Caballero Barcelona www.actionart.es
Sylvia Obregón Barcelona www.facebook.com/sylvia.obregónp