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Captain America

Captain America


In the series of Marvel Comics, Captain America is one of the oldest hero characters. He made his first comic appearance as early as 1941. Czech artist Martin Cerny therefore makes him the main motif in his „Avengers“ helmet design. With numerous fire and lightning elements as well as candy color effects, he spices up the trio of heroes including Iron Man and Thor and gives the helmet an impressive overall concept.

About the artist:

Czech artist Martin Černý has been working with airbrush for 10 years, 5 of them full-time. Since childhood he has drawn with everything that can be drawn – pencil, charcoal, colored pencils and later watercolor. He attended an art school and tried to make a living from painting. He started airbrushing when his girlfriend gave him an airbrush for his birthday. A few years later, he still has the airbrush at home and his girlfriend is now his fiancée. He now has professional equipment as well as a good background in airbrushing, and works with several companies in the industry. He has a lot of technical experience – painting, clear coating and paint repair, creating graphics and websites, photography, welding, developing design projects and of course social networking. His best project (a whole motorcycle) was exhibited at Legends of Prague 2022, and some of his projects have been published in magazines.

Facebook: blackartairbrush
Instagram: blackartairbrush
Webseite / Facebook: Tcwebb.de

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