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Should bees one day die out, so too will human beings. The work conducted by bees is the most important that takes place in all of nature. That’s why we feel it is very fitting and just to grant this small creature – as we did in issue no. 64, 03/22 – a place of honor in this issue. However, the illustration created by Austrian artist Melina Wuggonig features another highlight, beside the bee, namely the honeycomb. Its colors, structure, and most especially the relationship between sharp and fuzzy areas are bound to ensure some new artistic challenges.

About the artist:

Already during her childhood, Austrian artist Melina Wuggonig enjoyed drawing animals and tried out various materials. When the now 20-years old self-taught artist discovered airbrushing for herself 5 years ago, she knew right away which artistic path she wanted to take. Her works of art are characterized by a particularly realistic and detailed style, consisting usually of animal and human motifs. After concluding high school, she earned a diploma for graphic design in 2020. Last year, the young artist became a freelance specialist and has since worked on a variety of contracted orders, conducts online tutorials, and teaches courses on site. She’s also sold originals and FineArt prints across the planet. What really allows Melina to stick out is her special freehand technique with which she sprays hyper-realistic fur structures as well as the expressive power of her work. Her techniques can be learned on Patreon (Art by Melina) in the form of video tutorials that are several hours long.

Facebook: Art by Melina
Instagram: art_by_melina
Youtube: Melina Wuggonig
Website: www.artbymelina.com

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