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The Art of the Future: Gambody Special Feature

The Art of the Future: Gambody Special Feature


The art has been constantly evolving and metamorphosing, keeping in step with the capabilities of creators. And its no wonder – the more ways of self-expression artists possess, the more fully they can translate their ideas into real life, embody their passion!

These are the incredible opportunities that modern technology grants us with. The intertwining of new tools and materials with one’s sense of beauty can generate something yet unimagined, an exquisite piece of art.

One of the most innovative and actively developing technologies that opens the door to discoveries in the world of modern art is 3D printing. Hardly surprising, since one of the major advantages of this technology is the ability to breathe life into your art by not only creating a physical 3D model of a character or an object but also customizing it to your heart’s desire.

It goes without saying that the creation of more complex and detailed models requires special 3D modelling skills. This is when a marketplace with files ready for 3D printing can come to the rescue. Gambody is exactly that marketplace, and here you will only find the STL files of premium quality. Each file submitted by our contributors is rigorously checked by our team of professional 3D artists and sculptors, every flaw is fixed, the level of detail is enhanced, and various articulation mechanisms are introduced. This is why the final product you see on the marketplace are files of top quality, fully adapted for different 3D printers and prepared for your creative process. Don’t be hesitant to use readymade STLs since all the same files in the hands of different people will always result in unique pieces. After all, you can add something of your own – change the scale, fix the pose, improve the facial expression and many more. And if you can’t do this by yourself, then our customer support will be quick to help! By the way, one of the unique features of our marketplace is the lifetime technical support of every customer who decided to take up the wonderful hobby of 3D printing.






3D printing can provide people with endless possibilities, but only a fraction of them are used for now. This is why by creating and distributing STL files of exceptional quality Gambody strives to expand the community, unleash the 3D printing market’s full potential. Since one of the biggest problems existing in all major branches of the art market is the illegal distribution of copyrighted works, the field of 3D modelling and printing could not escape the same fate. This is why on Gambody the greatest values are the intellectual property rights of our authors and making sure that the copyrighted models are not subject to mass distribution.

People’s genuine desire to print specific models leads to the creation of a particular character or object, the market itself dictates what will appear on Gambody. Having once tried printing a simple mundane thing, people can’t help but ache for more – they are ready to challenge themselves by printing and painting spacecraft, machinery and their favourite characters, pouring their soul into each sculpture. Sometimes it takes not just a couple of days to create a single 3D model, but hundreds of hours, months of meticulous work. And of course, there’s no way around it without experiments and fiery passion! Aspiring to bring their dreams to life with the help of 3D printing, people invite their children to join the artistic process, try out different things, discuss it with their friends and, most importantly, find happiness through the chance to self-express.

Exceptional freedom of creation and power of imagination can be experienced when painting the models. A plethora of tools, paints and materials will allow you to recreate a character or object in their authentic form, as well as customize them per your own vision, playing around with colours, designs, textures, using different materials and enhancing the detailing. One of the pivotal things in this process is the search for painting examples and the inspiration for unconventional ideas. This is why Gambody Team created our own Facebook Community, which unites those who are making their first steps in model painting and those who have been doing it professionally for years. In the group, various useful advice is shared, new painting and assembly techniques are learnt, which results in the birth of outstanding pieces of art. Sometimes the works of our customers are even published in magazines and exhibited in museums. Recently Annie Molberg’s work “Hobbiton” was presented at the Storytelling 3d exhibition in the Rydals Museum, Sweden.

Just like other forms of fan art that are being created and spreading all around the world, 3D printing is the same kind of fan art but prepared for us by the future itself!

Source: Gambody – www.gambody.com