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Airbrush Step by Step is the magazine for all airbrush artists: from beginner to advanced level, both classical airbrushers and plastic scale modellers, body or custom painters as well as professional illustrators.

Airbrush Step by Step appeals to all those who are interested in practical airbrush issues and like to improve their airbrushing ability with creative tips and basic skill information.

Airbrush Step by Step offers practical step-by-step descriptions for airbrush illustrations of different levels. It provides both guide lines on basic skills and professional tips.

It presents state-of-the-art products and shows new techniques of operation as well as news and reports on issues of airbrush and illustration.In Airbrush Step by Step you will read about events and news from the European airbrush scene, tips from experts as well as reports on airbrush jobs and projects, inviting you to turn over the pages, to consult and collect the magazine for longterm.

As an Airbrush Step by Step reader you may also use the members section on this website offering exclusive preparatory sketches, high-resolution photos, extra pictures as well as videos for free.

Airbrush Step by Step has been published quarterly since 2006 and is available at newspaper and magazine retailers, in airbrush speciality shops, for subscription and in the publisher’s own online store at www.newart-shop.de. There are also downloadable e-book versions. The German edition is distributed and read in all German-speaking countries. Since 2010, there is also a printed English language edition which is distributed around the world through airbrush retailers and is also available for subscription. There are English-language e-book editions since 2007. Since 2013 there is also an app for the English Airbrush Step by Step version available in the iTunes-Store.


In 2006 Roger and Katja Hassler founded the company newart medien & design GbR as publishing and advertising agency in Hamburg, Germany. In their company they combine both their respective skills, training and experience in the areas of graphic design, editorial, and marketing. They are currently supported by a three-headed team.

In the publishing program by newart media & design GbR revolves around the topics of airbrush, illustration, digital painting and bodypainting. In addition to the magazine „Airbrush Step by Step“ the book program includes manuals and work books as well as coffee table books of various art forms. As creative artistic expert and author in his own publishing house Roger Hassler is responsible for a variety of publications himself. He is also a sought-after and long experienced lecturer for airbrush and digital painting.

As an advertising and PR agency newart medien & design GbR implements successful design and media concepts for renowned companies of different industries. Information about the company: www.newart.de

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