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Tips for Step by Step authors

In General

  • Step by Step article can feature any kind of artwork: automotive painting, fine art, bodypainting, modelling, T-Shirt and sneaker art, nail art, cake decoration and much more
  • You make the suggestion. We don’t dictate artists what to paint and which materials to use. You have your full artistic freedom.
  • We don’t set deadlines. We are searching for articles at any time. We can only publish what is finished. And art doesn’t need time pressure. This is why we only plan and schedule article, that we have available.

Submission Hotlines

  • Send us your suggestions, ideas and offers without obligation. Submit photos of your your step by step motif (only finished motif for view in advance!) by e-mail, WhatsApp or upload via the contact form. Please give our editors some time to sift your messages and images. We will be looking at each one and get back to you, soon!
  • E-Mail: info@airbrush-magazin.de
  • WhatsApp: +49 151 61105440
  • Contact Form


  • Your article should consist of at least 15-20 photos when showing a simple motif, showing more complex works you should have about 25-35 photos. It is better to send us more photos to choose.
  • Please send us high resolution photos in JPG format (RGB) (minimum ca. 1000 x 1500 px). If possible your finished artwork photo should have a size of 210 x 297 mm at 300 dpi.
  • For bulk file transfer, we recommend to use Wetransfer.com. If available, you can also use your Dropbox, Google Drive, Mac Cloud or similar file sharing service.


  • Send us your description text as RTF or word document.
  • Title the paragraphs of your text with the name of the related photo file.
  • The text should be 600 to 1000 letters (inkl. blanks) long with each picture.
  • You may address the reader directly, if you give instruction or advice in your description.
    Example:„Add three drops of water…“
  • If you describe your special way of working, you may use „I“.
    Example: „For this artwork I use an airbrush…”
  • Please do not only report the process of painting your artwork (Example: „now I am painting the rust spots with umber“), but describe the painting process very detailled and carefully (Example: “I’ll add some rust spots on to the entire border. Thin, shaky and uneven lines, surrounded by an umber-mist make for realistic-looking rust.”)


  • Please give us a list of the products and tools that you used (airbrush, canvas, colours etc.)
  • If possible, please note color quantity and mixing ratio in drops.
  • If possible please send us your outline drawings (PDF) and a spraying pattern (JPG) of the coulours you used.
  • You need to have all rights of your painting and motif. Publishers and editors do not take any responsibility for misuse of personal or intellectual property rights associated with the artwork and motif presented.

 About the author

  • Send us a portrait photo and a CV/artist profile.
  • Note your web address and e-mail address.
    (To be published with your agreement)

Editing process

  • Please be patient with us: If we got an article, we plan and schedule it for a specific issue. The right mixture of topics is the key for every issue. This is why it may happen, that we need to postpone your article some months, until the topical environment is right.
  • After you sent the article, editors will make over your article if this is necessary for reader’s understanding, completeness or orthography/grammar.
  • If there are gaps in content or questions, the editor will ask you for completion.
  • You will get the finished article for correction before printing.
  • Before release you will have to sign a property declaration. This declaration guarantees your intellectual property rights and grants the publisher the exclusive publishing rights for six month as well as an unlimited simple right to use. Changes to this declaration can be discussed.