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ASBS 02/19


Hello world, here we are!

As a regular reader, you might have noticed the new price label on the cover and also that „NEW“ teaser. What’s new about it? Well, Airbrush Step by Step magazine in English language has been on the market for more than 10 years now. But it was actually hard to find as it was only available from our web store and at a handful of airbrush supply stores, mainly in Europe. Finally, from the beginning of 2019, we have the chance to sell through book stores in some countries all around the world. So hopefully, there might also be some new readers, dicovering this issue for the first time, finding it at a Barnes & Noble store in the US or at any book store or press agent in Canada, Britain, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Australia or Taiwan. Welcome to Airbrush Step by Step magazine! We hope you’ll enjoy!

Now, what about this issue? Cover artist Marcus Eisenhuth from Germany is introducing you to his „macro photorealism“. You’ll see even more photorealism with Elad Yehezkel’s „Amit“. The artist from Israel renders his artwork layer by layer. Young artist Clarisse Pico shares with you her dream of freedom which she expresses with the motive of a mustang and a jet plane. US artist Cozmo Colon painted a portrait of XXXTentacion on a shirt, to commemorate the musician who was shot in 2018.

Find out about the custom guitars of Croatian artist Dalibor Pejicic who specializes in texture and patina effects. And what would you do if there weren’t any suitable airbrush supplies available in your country? That’s the daily challenge of Larry Espino from Peru. But, however, you’ll be amazed by the automotive painting that he’s creating.

We are also taking one look back at SEMA 2018 and one ahead to the Wonderworld of airbrush event in the Netherlands. And last, but not least, we got lots of interesting news from the big ones in the industry: Iwata, Harder & Steenbeck, Sparmax and Createx.

Have fun and best wishes from Germany!

The ASBS Team


XXXTentacion – T-Shirt Painting
A memorial piece of a short life: US artist Cozmo Colon painted a portrait on the Rap artist XXXTentacion who died young in 2018.

Amit – Portrait
Elad Yehezkel from Israel did a great job by establishing a quiet and detailed artwork portraiting Amit, the dancer.

Kiss me! – Photorealistic frog portrait
Marcus Eisenhuth from Germany calls his art „macro photorealism“ which causes surprise and astonishment wherever he goes.

The Dream of Freedom – Illustration
From the perspective of the young German artist Clarisse Pico, a mustang and a jet plane are symbols of freedom and progress.


Let it rock! Custom Guitars by Dalibor Pejicic
After designing his own custom guitar, Dalibor Pejicic from Croatia didn’t need to wait long for orders. He loves textures and patina effects.

Airbrush Art from Peru
Larry Espino’s warriors
There are no suitable airbrush supplies available in his country. But, however, Larry Espino from Peru creates some awesome automotive painting.


Airbrush News
… from the big ones: Iwata, Harder & Steenbeck and Sparmax

Reader’s Gallery
Colorful and lovely

Scene / Events
Looking back at SEMA 2018

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