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ASBS Issue 01 2017

Sculpture portrait

Fascinated by her beauty Dutch artist Jean-Pierre Nijs paints Nefertiti by reference of her sculpture at Egyptian Museum Berlin.

Animal portrait

Berlin artist Marcus Eisenhuth shows how to paint photorealistic artowrks with the airbrush. With the racoon he focusses especially on a realistic fur texture.

NYC Fridge
Painting a fridge

Andrea Panaro from Italy adds some US style 60s feeling to his customers‘ kitchens with this special refrigerator design featuring elements of the New York skyline and the Statue of Liberty.

Burning autumn
Sneaker Customizing

German Sven Gugger shows us how you can turn a sneaker into a unique specimen. He lets us in on how we can best achieve a clean and wearable end product.

Fleckvieh Cow
T-shirt airbrushing

The Fleckvieh cow serves as a very special motif for the T-shirt art of swiss artist Philipp Klopfenstein, where the focus is placed on the specific characteristics of the cow.

Quite literally - Pastrana Unlimited

Georg Huber meets Alan Pastrana in Connecticut.
As was expected, the two International Airbrush Days lecturers had a lot to tell right away….